Musical scores made of spaces, scores made of light. Each elephant has its own but limited space which harmonises with the others to form a song to the scale of the animal. Playing on icons and on the shadow of a tearing, the score grows into a pillar of their world, fragile and poetic.




Technique :  eraser engravings on BFK Rives paper with torn edges. The paper is glued on balsa wood to allow it to be removed from the wall. The width of the paper is 75 cm, the height of the work is that of an elephant. That is to say that it varies between 2.5 metres and 4.5 metres depending on the place (here it is 3.5 metres).

All the icons on a score are different. They are placed in the space as a function of their shape and the height of the paper strip varies with the height of the icon.