Inter Faces




These links
are records of my exchanges
with artist friends during my trip to Laos,
directly reflecting the need to correspond
with those to whom one feels close.
A correspondence based on raw materials,
odours, sounds and the exchange of physical impressions.

Touching, feeling, moving away from a screen
display of words with so little warmth.
Avoiding limitations and attempting instead to open
oneself up, to open oneself up as much as possible.

These links set out to provide a real space
for communication, innovation, provocation,
destabilisation, and of humility too.
The bonds of friendship which are the key
component of correspondence make it possible
to challenge without wounding.

They provide a breathing space which can prolong the journey.



Christine Crozat - Marie-Paule Lesage                                            site C.Crozat


 Eddy Devolder - Marie-Paule Lesage



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