Memorial for Algeria


... was born from the suffering of a people being murdered here and there, endlessly, without respite, for some reason or another


… was born from the news items in the papers that appear for a time and then become shorter until they turn into bald, laconic statements.


Not because the murders are less important, less virulent or less violent, but because they become a part of daily existence. And inhabiting that daily existence is unworthy of us.


The dead are there and the bodies pile up.


The first part represents the dead, who are not to be pinned to a card like butterflies. The second, its counterpart, are the traces they have left behind, more or less strong or faint, but forever in movement, constantly vanishing or reappearing.


It is memory, our memory, the trace of people who have left only a red spark.


And the traces of those traces are left there as if by chance. A white sheet can reveal them at any moment.


It’s like our memory, the lightness of paper… 



(Dimensions: multiple pieces 80x120cm (example shown 1,2x4,8 m))



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