Les enfarinés

staged in 1999





Visual and musical performance based on texts and songs from the 'Enfarinés de l'hotel de Bourgogne' (the flour-covered actors of the hotel de Bourgogne) (end of the sixteenth century).

Design and script: F.Small
Authors: G.Garguille, Tabarin, Bruscambille, Turlupin, Gros guillaume, G.Boley, Smol
Actor direction: J.P.Racodon
Music: A.Bélénési
Lighting: S.Small
Sets and musical accessories: Atelier L.E.O., N. Hatzl, S.Rose, M.P.Lesage
Costumes: Smol et R.Tataï

Actors: N.Mouton, A.Bélénési, O.Small, R.Daniaud, S.Small, Smol. 



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